10 Clockwerk Tips


These tips will give you greater insight into how you can execute your abilities differently in the given scenario and also how to play against Clockwerk with an understanding of both his strengths and weaknesses. There is a video at the end to help give you a clearer perspective on some of these tip.

(Last updated: 7.06d)



The typical Clockwerk player just hooks and instantly cogs. However the hooked target is stunned for 1/1.5/2 seconds. This will give you the opportunity to either trap the enemy within the cogs or walk behind them and push them back with cogs. The second choice not only makes your combo stun them for the maximum duration but, it also knocks them back into an undesired position and drains some of their mana.




If you use force staff and instantly cast cogs after you will land at the outside of your cogs at the other side. This is often the ultimate escape mechanic can be hard to pull off consistently so make sure you practice it a few times in demo mode.




A well positioned Power Cogs can sometimes be the difference between winning and losing a team fight and I will explain why. Melee heroes will have to get a blink and either commit to blinking over the cogs and fighting or waiting until the cogs are destroyed. This will not only hinder the enemy’s decision but help protect allies who want to stand at the back and deal massive amounts of damage e.g. Sniper or Lina. However a bad Cogs can work in favour of the enemy team by blocking your allies away from enemy. To sum this up Cogs can be very impactful against melee heroes or heroes who need to commit to a certain position in team fights.




If the enemy have the ability to kill Roshan it is often best to keep vision on the Roshan Pit rather than using Rocket Flare to farm. This is even more important after Roshan has spawned for the second time as he will have Cheese.


Generally you will see Clockwerk players pushing creep waves with flare from the other side of the map, but this not always a good idea. When pushing waves with Flare you apply pressure to the enemy’s lanes but, if the enemy has multiple heroes with strong creep wave clearing abilities this pressure only makes a safer space for them to farm and rarely lowers their towers’ health. The idea of pushing waves like this is supposed to occupy the enemy and make them spend their time defending their towers rather than playing aggressive. So doing this Rocket Flare pushing dependent on the enemy’s draft and itemization.




Mistakes can happen to the best of players but if you accidentally trap your allies in your Cogs, make sure you destroy the Cogs for them. It takes you only 1 hit to kill a Cog but your allies will have to hit them 2 or 3 times depending on the level (2/2/2/3).




Using fog of war can be a great gap closer to get early kills on supports. Once you are level 3 you can kill the vast majority of supports with a sneaky Power Cogs and level 2 of Battery Assault but the problem closing the distance on the enemy. One of the best ways to do this is to wait in the trees for the support to come and harass you and then trap them in the cogs once the run around the corner.


You can also run down the tree line and come from behind, which can catch them off guard too. If you are a support against Clockwerk in this scenario and unable to zone him, it is best to either focus on pulling, ganking another lane with a smoke or getting the bounty runes.




Buy a Magic Wand!!! This is one of the best heroes in the game to buy a Magic Wand on, mainly because of Clockwerk’s durability. Also Raindrops is a great item increase your durability further while providing mana regen. Here is an impressive play by Admiral Bulldog showing what a Magic Wand and Raindrops can do.

The enemy will buy Force Staffs to counter your Power Cogs. This mean you should also buy a Force Staff. This will give you more ways to execute your combo depending on the scenario. After hooking if you use Cogs to traps an enemy they will force themselves out, this is your opportunity to chase them with your own Force Staff and Battery Assault. However if this play is too aggressive and won’t achieve a kill then it might be better to go for the max duration stun combo described above. Also if you hook an enemy with no Force Staff or the wrong target you might instantly melt to that hero such as Ursa. It is usually best to just trap them and then force staff away.

escape with force.png



In the laning stage heroes such as Lifestealer and Juggernaut have abilities which grant them Magic Immunity which is a hard counter to Clockwerk. One of the best ways to counter this is to burn their mana or bait their skills out to force mana usage.


Later in the game your initiations have to be smarter as your combo won’t get kills anymore because of BKB , Glimmer Cape or Force Staff. If the enemy have a BKB hero who has a devastating combo, it is often best can save hook for stunning the BKB hero to interrupting them in the middle of their combo e.g. Sven > BKB > blink > >Stun > Cleave > Crit. After you stun them you should run, use Cogs and force away. If the enemy already used their mobility item or ability they won’t be able to chase you around the Cogs which can provide an elegant disengagement for your team.



Blocking Camps

If the Rocket Flare projectile give vision over a neutral creep camp while in motion it blocks the camp but it is not blocked if the flare has stopped moving and reached its targeted position. The easiest way to do this is to stand near the camp and use flare at x:59 secs at the far side of the camp.



Battery Assault doesn’t hit invisible enemies but Cogs does, so beware of invisible heroes. However Power Cogs can cancel the channeling but only if you push them away.




You can farm surprisingly aggressive with Clockwerk while your Hookshot is off cooldown. Just make sure you always leave a nearby creep camp alive so you can hook the neutral creep and escape.

Although its not a good idea to do this repetitively if your Hookshot is always on cooldown your team may never be able to initiate a fight. But this tip is still important to use this as your teammates may need to farm up a crucial item rather than fight over and over again. This will not only make space but allow you to farm in a place your your allies can’t farm safely because of their skill set.


This video will showcase all the tips mentioned in this guide

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Siltbreaker Act I: Guide and Tips




(Wolfs and Hellbears)

  • It is often best to start with 2-3 clarities and/or a salve, especially on your healer.
  • The big wolfs don’t fire projectiles if a hero is standing close to it.
  • Dodge the clap from the Hellbears when the red circle appears below their feet.




(Base defense and Lycan boss)

  • Lycan’s transform time is 1.5sec.
  • Once transformed he has a 40% crit chance.
  • Remember to use the shrine south of the shot if needed.
  • Make sure you dodge his high damage claw attack and rupture.
  • Abaddon can die from the claw attack without Burrowed Time activating automatically
  • The Rupture animation starts with a head raise and a big red circle.




(Death Maze)

  • Use Abaddon’s Shied to dispel the Bane’s ultimate on an ally or stun the big spirit after they cast the grip.
  • Buy a Wind Lace for this part on slow moving heroes like Witch Doctor.
  • Heroes like Lina or Drow can buy phase boots for move speed

Part 1

This part has 3 types of traps, single fire, triple fire and an alternating trap between single and triple fire. In the first lane you activate the trap by standing on the stone before it. In some cases you can activate it and let if fire before you go to run.


Part 2

Using the move command or use a ranged attack to break the crates ahead.


Part 3

This is the triple arrow part. Go when the middle arrow hits the end, then move between the left and middle lane. This is the full sized image for this part.

Part 4

If you die here, just let someone on your team collect the orb and reach the check point so you will respawn again. Full sized image




(Ogres and rescue mission)

  • Before going to this zone, consider buying a Solar Crest rather than a Mekansm as the ogres have high armor (27 armor on Bogdugg and 19 armor on the tank ogres) and you won’t have enough mana to sustain many uses of Mekansm.
  • This zone will drop items for Aghanim’s Scepter, so hold off on these components until after.
  • Kill the small ogres first.
  • Stun the small ogres once they cast their life drain on the tank ogre.
  • The tank ogres have 2 attacks, swing smash and jump smash.


  • Both attacks do physical damage, so armor will help block damage.
  • Having Bogdugg’s Baldric help alot in this part.
  • The swing stun will target the position you were standing in on the initial time of casting. So run under his feet once the tank starts casting the swing.
  • The boss (Bogdugg) has the same abilities as the tank ogres but his swing stun has a faster cast time (27% quicker swing).
  • Make sure your tank aggros Bogdugg first.
  • The small ogres cast ignite which causes a fire that will do 200 damage if stepped in once, along with a 30% slow for 2 seconds.
  • The slow duration for ignite is 5 seconds at the boss.




(Spiders and Broodmother boss)

  • Having Vangaurd or Poor Man Shield on your tank is helps alot.
  • Sticking as a team is important against the purple spiders.
  • If possible have a Crimson Guard and Solar Crest for the boss (Ankaboot).
  • The green spiders will disarm you with the Venomancer slow.
  • The purple spiders will lasso you, so save your stuns for lasso.
  • Go to the shop before facing the boss.
  • Fight the boss on the stairs. While your main damage dealer(s) stand on the high ground.


  • When Ankaboot casts her ultimate which sounds the same as Broodmothers ultimate, run away. This gives her alot of lifesteal and will heal her back up.
  • If you have AOE clear make sure your healer doesn’t get body blocked in by spiders.





(Traps and double Omniknight boss)

  • Go 1 by 1 in all the traps. For the long ‘S’ shaped path make sure a DPS hero goes first in case the bats spawn at the end of the path.



  • The big bats cast Acid Spray 3-5 seconds after aggro.
  • Acid Spray lasts for 6 seconds, it reduces your armor by 20 and does 400 physical damage/sec.
  • If possible stun and kill the big bats quickly before they cast Acid Spray.


  • Get your tank to occupy one of the two Temple Guardians (Omniknight) while the other 3 players focus and kill the other Gaurdian.
  • If possible bring both Gaurdians down to low health at the same time.
  • The Hammer Smash ability has a 2.5 second cooldown and does 1600 physical damage.
  • When you kill 1 Gaurdian the remaining Gaurdians Hammer Smash ability upgrades to Rage Hammer Smash which has a 1.25sec cooldown and has a 27% quicker swing speed.
  • Hammer Throw has a 10sec cooldown 2 sec stun duration, the throw time is 2.3sec and does 600 physical damage.
  • Wrath is the ultimate with the same sound as Omniknights ultimate. it has a 30sec coodlown and lasts for 8 seconds.
  • The Wrath blasts have 1.5sec damage delay and do 600 magical damage.




(Guide Bristleback)

  • If you want to get 3 stars you will have to give Bristleback Tranquil boots and a Wind Lace, but this is not required if you want to pass this part or get 2 stars.
  • If you don’t have at 2 heroes who can do alot damage per second (DPS), you will probably fail this zone.
  • Its important to finish this section as quick as possible as the Archers keep spawning and more will stack up near the end of the zone.


  • Have your tank stand out in front for as long as possible so Bristleback aggros the least amount of enemies.
  • Make sure to use your buyback straight away as you will spawn on Bristleback.



(Desert with Centaurs and Nyx)


  • If you are close to an item and you don’t care about 3 stars, go back to the shop after the first courier treasure.
  • Make sure you dodge the Nyx impale as it has a 6 second cooldown and a 1.5sec duration.
  • If one of your teammates dies try and rush to the north checkpoint so they can instantly respawn and help you survive.
  • Otherwise you can revive you ally with use of Glimmer Cape.


  • Nyx will spawn Minions called Burrowers with a cooldown of 15secs.
  • These Burrowers explode and deal a burst of magical damage so having a glimmer cape will help alot here to save yourself or allies.
  • There is 3 types of Centaurs: Chief, Shaman and the Dunerunner.
  • The Chief is the big one with Blademail, Hoofstomp and Double edge.
  • The Shaman centaurs heal the Chief.
  • The Dunerunners will either use Remnants  which swarms you with mini centaurs when it hits you or else they will use Meppo’s Earthbind (the root).
  • Try avoid both of these projectiles otherwise you will get swarmed.




(Path to Rhyzik)

  • This is probably the easiest zone in the event.
  • Focus the Siege creep and the Golems first.
  • Save your dispels for the Golems Searing Chains, such as Greaves or Abadddon’s shield.
  • If your ally is rooted and taking damage from Sunray, use Glimmer Cape on them.




(Last Boss)


  • If you haven’t got many late game artifacts such as Gaurdian Shell, The Caustic Finale or Carapace of Qaldin it is easier to beat Rhyzik with a magical damage line up. As the physical damage strategy is more effective with the artifacts from the Temple Guardians and/or Rhyzik.
  • Having a Veil of  Discord and Ethereal blade makes it much easier with magic damage line up.
  • However your DPS hero or heroes should have MKB and armor reduction as Rhyzik has 32% evasion and 75 armor.
  • When Rhyzik burrows underground this is often the best time to cast abilities like Macropyre and Maledict, as he stays still in the phase for the longest duration.


  • The tail swipe has a 2.4sec delay, a 1.5sec stun and a knock back. The left swipe knock back 600 unit and the right swipe knock back is 800 units.
  • Asides from his 2 ultimates all his damage is physical.
  •  The 2 variations of his ultimate are the tornadoes and then other is the pulse waves. When you see the casting animation just run south.


  • Both variations of the ultimate have a cooldown of 34secs and a duration of 15secs.
  • The casting animation for tornadoes starts with a large yellow ring around Rhyzik’s feet.


  • The pulse waves animation starts with yellow lines under Rhyzik’s feet.


  • During the tornadoes use the flutter on Butterfly or Glimmer Cape to escape it.
  • Kill any minions which spawn as quick as possible as they will deal alot of damage through explosions and others will run to Rhyzik and heal him.
  • If you have the extra gold to get a 7th item like Glimmer Cape for the tornadoes, you can swap it in once the tornado phase begins for something like your refresher orb. Remember to swap the better item back into your inventory as the cooldown timer ticks slower in your backpack.
  • Buybacks cost 2 lives, so always try revive your allies with Glimmer Cape but never during one of Rhyzik’s ultimates.




  • The more you play the better you will get at navigating through the traps and the better chance you have at dingus.pnggetting artifact drops. Artifact Chances and Info
  • Most enemies have a long cast time on their abilities (usually 2-2.5sec), this should give you enough time to dodge them.
  • Turn auto attack on.
  • Each zone has an experience and gold cap. This is most noticeable in the first zone, where your hero can only get to level 4 and 3/4.
  • If you have Witch Doctor make sure you cast Maledict on bosses and high health units at the start to do maximum damage.

Picking Heroes

  • You can either go a magical damage or physical damage line up.bad_creep
  • The magical damage is easier if you don’t have many artifacts.
  • Drow Ranger should be in every line up regardless.
  • Magical damage heros require a tank, a healer, a DPS and a magic damage dealer.
  • For example Abaddon, Witch Doctor, Jakiro and Drow or Abaddon, Witch Doctor, Lina and Drow.
  • A physical damage line up will rely more on Auras such as Vlads to sustain health and artifacts to maintain mana and/or health.
  • If you’re playing solo and people pick stupid heroes it probably best to leave and find new players as you will have to commit 50-90 minutes to beat Act I.


  • Treasure traps get stronger in each zone for example the land mine treasures dobreakingcrate_2.png 400 magical damage and +100 damage per zone.
  • All treasures have a 1% chance of dropping these artifacts: Creed of Omniscience, Oblivion’s Locket or life rune.
  • Crates and vases have 11% chance of gold, 7% chance of common items (healing salve, mango, health potion or mana potion) and a 2% chance of getting a book of agility, strength or intelligence.


  • If you have Creed of Omniscience make sure you have it equipped when using the Tome(s).
  • Move speed is useful for getting through traps.grandpa_bristle.png
  • Never let 3 Tomes of Knowledge stay in stock, they can give you levels quicker to give you the ability to use artifacts earlier.
  • Minus armor such as Solar Crest, Desolator and Assault Cuirass is very effective against bosses.
  • You can share any items with allies.
  • Glimmer Cape will allow you to revive your allies without getting aggro, this incredible useful from the desert zone and onward.

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Support Kunkka Guide


This in depth guide will sweep your opponent off their feet and make you rule the rolling seas. Admiral Kunkka is a durable nuker who provides team fight initiations and a heaps of kill potential throughout the game. Kunkka has acquired many waves of buffs from 7.00 to 7.06 with the most noticeable change being that Ghostship now always crashes where it gets targeted. (Updated last: 7.06c)





  • Team fight initiations.kunkka_bird2.png
  • Low cooldown spells.
  • Provides a strong pick off presence throughout the game with X Marks the Spot.
  • Durable, the enemy will have to commit alot to kill Kunkka.
    • Burst damage heroes like Queen of Pain and Lina won’t get easy kills on a support like Kunkka, which dampens their snowball.
  • Amazing against illusion heroes in team fights.
    • Torrent + Ghostship combo will kill all of Terrorblade’s Illusions or bring them to 10% health, making it easy to identify the real hero.
  • Transition to core in late game with physical damage.
  • Interrupting enemy combos.



  • Weak lane harass.
  • Poor at defensive tp rotations in the laning stage.
  • Countered hard by magic immunity.
  • Low tower damage.



Main Build


The main reason you max X Marks the Spot is for the extra cast range. Talents can be optimized by 1 level according to the match.


Talent Optimization Build

If both teams want to play passive and farm you can skill Tidebringer at level 10 and get the Torrent talent at level 11 as you can farm quicker and you don’t need to fight. The level 15 talent can be got at level 16 if you have multiple urn changes or a healing hero on your team.skilltree_kunkka2.png




  • +40 Torrent Damage
    • Early to mid game you want your combo to do as much damage as possible to keep up the pressure on your opponent.
    • Both lvl 10 talents allow Kunkka to do roughly the same damage but with the option of physical or magical. The magical route allows Kunkka to have better position and stand back in team fights, similar to that of a Disruptor.
    • Beginner Kunkka players will find the +30 damage stronger, until they start hitting torrents more often.
    • If you want to farm quicker at level 10, skip this talent until level 11 and skill up Tidebringer instead.
  • +15 Health Regen
    • Great for sustaining your health in late game and saves you urn charges.
    • Once you have this talent you can farm ancient camps.
  • +120gpmkunkka_bubbletouch3
    • The extra gold can pay for a buy back.
    • +300 health is a little bit pointless as Kunkka has one of the highest strength gains in Dota and it will only give you an extra 10 to 15% health. It does have good synergy with the damage reduction from the Ghostship buff, but the reality is that the extra health is not going to save your life.
  • +200 Torrent AOE
    • This is basically a game winning talent.
    • No need to use X Marks the Spot to hit Torrents in fights.
    • Late game carry players will only have 5 second bkb charges which means your torrent become much more impactful.
    • Easily stuns illusion based heroes in team fights.




2 Clarities should be enough to manage your mana for the first 10 mins until you get Arcane Boots. Buy Urn as soon as possible after the early game items and don’t forget to buy wards for your team throughout the match.



Arcane_Boots_iconArcane boots

Kunkka uses up alot of mana, So typically its best to buy this as soon as possible. If your not able to upgrade your boots in the first 8-10 mins, instead buy raindrops, detection and the wards your team needs.

Infused_Raindrop_icon.pngInfused Raindrop

This gives you good mana regen early on. When you have 1 charge left, put the raindrops in your backpack because you don’t want to lose all the charges as you need it to complete the urn.

Urn_of_Shadows_icon.pngUrn of Shadows

The new recipe means urn gives armor and more mana regen in the early game as it is not percentage based. This will allow your team to push objectives after team fights. You and your allies may even drop to 1 hp after The Admirals Rum (buff from Ghostship) wears off. You can also cancel enemy Blink Daggers with an urn charge to prevent them from escaping in a chase. You can skip this item if you team has a healing hero or an already completed urn.

“It heals like the salt-sea air!”

Drum_of_Endurance_icon.pngDrums of Endurance

Very cheap effective item that makes you a makes you more durable with the bracer and also gives mana regen. The +20 aura move speed is essentially giving everyone on your team a free windlace and the AOE is massive. The active can be used in team fights, mainly to buff your allies and increase their damage output or you can use it when running away to ensure a safer escape. You can skip this item if you fall far behind or  if your allies have ways of regenerating your mana such as multiple Arcane boots or a Keeper of the Light.

Tip: You can buy another drum recipe and refresh all the charges.

Blink_Dagger_iconBlink Dagger

Without this you will struggle to maintain a bit of farming while keep up with your teams motives i.e. objectives and team fights. It also allows you to catch your opponent from the shadows without having to use a smoke to get in range for an X Marks the Spot.

Heaven's_Halberd_icon.pngHeaven’s Halberd

This item has received a magnitude of buffs from 7.00 to 7.06, with the most notable buff being that the disarm can not longer be dispelled by magic immunity. It gives you a total of 45 damage, 400 health (+25 damage and +20 Stength), more durability with evasion and helps your team control high damage right clickers like Troll Warlord. In the rare case where the enemy doesn’t have a big physical damage dealer you can skip this and go straight for Daedalus.


This is your point of transitioning from magic damage to physical. This is the best damage item in combination with Tidebringer. Don’t build MKB as you can just cleave off a creep or another unit rather than hitting the hero with evasion, as cleave ignores evasion. The mass increase in your Tidebringer will mean your creep wave clearing ability will improve significantly. In combination with X Marks the Spot, the enemy will find it hard to have creeps to push high ground, this is provided if the enemy don’t have a counter for X such as Euls.




  • This spell is very easy to hit on melee heroes when they are focusing a hero or when they are going for a last hit. On level 1 you should to use this to harass. Cast it from the shadows within the tree line and wait for them to go for a last hit this will minimize the chance of the offlaner dodging it.
  • This skill has a longer cast range than X Marks the Spot. To secure a kill in the kunkka_kick2.pnglaning stage you often have to hit the torrent first and X after.
  • You can move under heroes who are tossed in the air buy Torrent, this will help you  or your allies escape from a body block.
  • The total delay is 2 second, 0.4s cast time and 1.6s delay.
  • You can use this to slow down an enemy push.
  • Fake cast, show yourself to the enemy and cast the spell and then cancel it. Against high skill players they will try to dodge it, potentially making them miss last hits in lane or to play safer.
  • Until you have 2-3 levels in Tidebringer, this will be your way to farm creeps quicker.
  • As you are running away, try hit your enemy with torrent. If they are a melee hero just cast torrent along your pathing.
  • Torrent also give vision, you can use this to find an enemy in the trees or deward a spot where you have a truesight but no vision.



  • This will help you farm quicker and allow you to transition into a physical damage dealer later in the match.
  • If you opponent has evasion, hit a unit without evasion as the cleave ignores evasion.
  • There is a small sound effect when Tidebringer comes off cooldown.
  • In late game, don’t commit too much to hit multiple cleaves in a team fight as it may cost you your life. Having the ability to disrupt your opponents combos with torrent and X is more important.
  • On top of this you won’t get urn charges if you die for a single cleave.



  • You can return a hero effected by X by hitting the ability key again.
  • This will give you the choice of either having a full or a minimum duration delay when stunning with Torrent (2 or 4 seconds).
  • In combination with Torrent the max duration delays are better against heroes who use have an escape or invulnerability such as windrun, Jaunt or Ghost Shroud.
  • You can X an ally with a bottle and have them heal up in base. (Recommended you use voice chat for this)
  • When placing an aggressive ward, X yourself before going to the dangerous area.
  • Once you have your Blink you can start fights or get pick offs from massive ranges.
  • When defending in base you can go out and pick up a bounty rune with use of X and Blink.kunkka_tough.png
  • Returned can be canceled by abilities such as Tornado or Euls at the last instance. A well timed hook buy Pudge can also negate the return. With Euls being the most common way to deal with X.
  • If the enemy has Euls and you used X on them, then cast your Torrent under their Euls rather than saving it for the cast location of X.
  • If the enemy has an escape like Anti-mage’s blink, you should cast Torrent where you expect them to blink to rather than on the X spot as the cast time is very small on his Blink.
  • If you want to slow siege a tier 3 you can X your ally and get them to hit the tower, then return them before they die. This is incredibly good against strong high ground ultimate’s like Magnus’ Reverse Polarity.
  • The enemy can only cancel the return if they use an ability which effects your allies position. Against Euls you can let your ally go on a siege for 5.5 seconds before Euls will cancel the return from X. Typically its best to use return when the buff timer to hits 50%.
  • The return on X can cancel channeled spells.



  • If the enemy jump on you with a hero like Ursa don’t let your death go to waste, cast Ghostship on your position. It will buff you allies and stun the enemy who jumped on you.
  • As the boat now starts behind the cast point, you can stand near the trees and cast boat on your location. As the enemy engage on you, they won’t be able to see the boat animation in the shadows which can result in masterful bait.


  • Learn how to do the X + Torrent + Ghostship combo consistently in demo mode, it will prove to be a fundamental skill to this hero.
  • If your Torrent is on cooldown you can also do X into Ghostship.




Magic immunity skills from Omniknight, Juggernaut and Lifestealer are a hard counters to Kunkka throughout the game. Kunkka hits his weakest part of the game once heroes build BKB. If you can try force out a BKB charge and then disengage. The other counters to Kunkka is anything that can save the enemy or interrupt your combo. Common counters:

  • Shadow Demon’s Disruption
  • Outworld Devourer’s Asteral Imprisonment
  • Omniknight’s Repel
  • Oracle’s Fate Edict and False Promise
  • Invoker’s Tornado or Euls at the end of X Marks the Spot.
  • Force Staff used once returned from X, which dodges the Torrent.
  • Bane’s Nightmare used on Kunkka.



Aether_Lens_icon (1).pngAether Lens

The main reason you buy this is to get the extra cast range. It will mean you have to rely on passive mana regen and your allies who are very mana dependent will suffer from having no Arcane Boots. The 6% spell amp is kinda pointless. Torrent and Ghostship on max level collectively do a total of 900 magic damage and 6% is 54 extra magic damage before reductions. Just doing an extra right click will have more of an imact damage wise. The extra cast range is so-so and it costs an extra 1450 gold when using the Energy Booster from your Arcane Boots. However the honest truth is that Drum of Endurance is a far superior item for roughly the same amount of gold.

Tranquil_Boots_(Active)_iconTranquil Boots

When building Aether Lens consider building Tranquils rather than going for Drums. Don’t build Tranquil Boots if you already hit level 15 and got the health regen talent.

Divine_Rapier_icon.pngDivine Rapier

This will ensure the enemy never have a creep wave to push high ground or help when defending against mega creeps. Once you pick this up you need to be very careful about your positioning. Always use you X Marks the Spot on yourself when going in for a cleave. How you position you Tidebringer cleave will be significantly more important in team fights. Preferably you don’t want to reach this part of the game as the enemy team can often just split push and rat your base. Even with a rapier Kunkka will still struggle to take buildings.


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7 Tips for Killing the Courier


Killing the courier in the early part of the game can have a massive impact as it gives 875 gold (175 per hero) and delays items such as bottle in lanes. This information is also incredibly useful to know as you you can help avoid your own courier dying if you can predict where the enemy is when trying to kill your courier.

title_enemy Vision

You will want your opponent to not find out about your motives to kill the courier. Knowing where you opponent can get vision and truesight from their towers can prevent them from knowing where you are on the map. Here are some commnspots where players make mistakes:





If you pick an invisible hero or Monkey, buy orb of venom and go for the enemy offlane rune. That is the rune the mid hero will go for, if you don’t get the rune make sure you harass them if they are alone. Doing this will force them to use some of their regen and probably miss their creep block.


Typically players from 3.5k upwards will pool 2 tangos to the mid hero. Some player will queue up a salve and have it sent out to them as early as possible. They will always send out more regen if they are facing a high harass laner like Queen of Pain or Tinker since the shrines are not active until 5 mins. If the enemy mid gets the rune, the salve will come between the mid tier 1 and 2 from 20-30secs, otherwise if you got the rune the courier will come from 40-50secs.


Don’t waste too much time when trying to kill the courier. The worst thing you can possibly do is still be level 1 at 3 mins and you see the courier coming with a bottle and it is already flying.

Important timings:

  • 3:00 courier can be upgraded
  • 4:00 night time
  • 2 mins Courier respawn duration

Against high skill players it’s not worth while trying to kill the courier once it becomes night time as players have good enough awareness they will micro the courier and pick up their items under their tier 2 and your time will be wasted. A good rotation to snipe the courier can go like this:

  • 1:45 – Go for enemy bounty rune
  • 2:00 – Take bounty rune
  • 2:15 – Stand between enemy tier 1 and 2
  • 3:00 – If the courier hasn’t showed, give up


If you use a ward you can see the courier earlier. This is much more useful when killing the dire courier as the high ground between the tier 1 and 2 doesn’t give much vision. If killing the dire courier without a ward, it can often be easier to wait for it to make its trip back to base. To make sure you don’t get spotted by the enemy towers, consider using a smoke to get to a deep ward. However heroes such as Treant Protector and Riki can place wards without breaking invisibility and Monkey King can place wards while standing in a tree.




If you don’t know what this is here is a video. Most heroes require 2 attacks to kill the courier before it is upgraded on top of that you will have low move speed. Mastering orb walking can make killing couriers significantly easier.


If you happen to get a haste rune as a support or roamer at 2,4 or 6 mins. Rather than using it straight away, wait for the courier to show it self delivering items to the mid hero. Then when it comes into vision in lane, pick up the haste rune and catch it in it’s path. Don’t spend longer than 30-40secs standing on the haste rune, if the courier doesn’t show then use the haste for a gank. 



When the enemy is pushing a tower there is a good chance that they will send an item out to themselves. Whether it be some wards or the items needed to complete a stronger item, they can be very impactful for the next fight. If the enemy is pushing mid lane all you need to do is stand far behind them in the lane when whey are pushing. I found that players from 4k+ are very likely to send the courier out before pushing down a tier 2 or 3, with something like a bkb or sentries.


Lower skill players may do something similar to but they are not as predictable. If they are pushing top or bot lane place a ward down to get vision of the couriers path. As soon as you kill the courier teleport away, otherwise the enemy will hunt you down. This type of courier kill is very useful when your team is behind and stuck in base.

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Helm of the Dominator


The helm of the dominator active has many purposes and there is a significant difference in how players use it as they become more comfortable with the item. This guide has a number of tips which are generally easy to execute regardless of your skill level. It will give you a better understanding for the active and give you more value for the same amount of gold. Some of these tips can be used for any heroes that can summon units too e.g. Invoker forge spirits and Nature’s Prophet’s treants. Even if you are a player that doesn’t buy this item you can get some insight on how to play against players who utilize this item to its fullest. (Last updated 7.06)


Dominating a Siege Creep

  • When you are pushing a tower you should dominate the enemy siege creep, this gives you significantly more pushing power in the early parts of the game. When the creep wave dies you can send the siege creep back and use it’s damage once the next creep wave comes. This is effectively giving you a siege creep each wave.
  • Even when you stop pushing with your hero, players often don’t notice that the siege creep that is pushing the lane is dominated until it gets a mind of its own and runs away (you can tell by a different color icon on the mini-map).

Cut the Creep Wave

  • Send your creep behind the tower before the creeps come. So if you are pushing a tier 1 around xx:10 mins you should be sending the creep behind and get it to aggro the creep wave. Doing this will allow prevent your lane creeps from getting aggro on the enemy creeps so they will maintain focus on the tower.
  • Send the enemy creeps in a new path and eventually bring them back to you. Don’t send the creeps to a jungle camp unless you are going to farming the camp and the creeps together after taking the tower. otherwise you will lose gold and experience.
  • Doing this tower pushing tricks can be that little extra thing which prevents your enemy from denying their tower.

cut creepwave2

Farming With Big Satyr Creep

  • The big satyr creep has enough mana to use shockwave 4 times (160 magic damage), this is more than enough to clear an entire creep wave. This can be used to increase your efficiency by farming aggressively with the satyr creep while you kill jungle camps with your hero.
  • Doing this will allow to farm quick while still maintaining a safe position. Arteezy nearly always uses this trick even with his manta illusions. If you have auto attack on standard you can focus on using the creep as your hero auto clears the creep camp.

satyr farming

Stack and Block Creep Camps

  • With 7.06 comes the return of neutral camps spawning every minute. Typically block camps is not that effective but if the enemy is stacking their ancients for a Sven or Luna, using the creep for an ancient block is going to hinder your opponent and waste their time. Alternatively you can use your own creep to stack your ancients, but every knows that.

Deny Enemy Runes

  • You can use your creep to scout a rune before you go to take it. If an enemy gets there before you or if its too dangerous to contest, you can deny it with your creep.



Vision for Roshan

  • One of the strengths of Clockwerk’s flare and Venomancer’s wards is to provide vision of the roshan pit. Putting your creep into the pit can sometimes be that little bit of information that turns the game around. Regardless of how lazy or low skill of a player you are, if you bought helm at least leave a creep inside the pit. This is the simplest but sometimes the most effective use of helm.

High Ground Vision

  • When a fight breaks our in the river or when the enemy have a high ground advantage it can literally win a team fight when your team mate can cast their spell with a small amount of high ground vision. So Put the creep on the high ground during team fight for better vision.
  • It is also a great idea to keep move the creep up onto the high ground when you take a fight at the enemy’s tier 3.


Walking up High Ground

  • If there is a position where you think the enemy might be, let your creep go first. Be careful about this one though, because against high skill players they might use a smoke when they see you do this and the creep doesn’t break smoke. Using a smoke against a helm player is basically how you counter play this type of movement.

Vision When Playing Aggressive

  • Moving the creep into a position where it gives you vision of the enemy in an area where you expect them to come from. This can help you farm the big and small camp in the enemy’s safe lane safer.
  • Some players will chase the creep and you can use the creep when they find it running around their jungle. You can use this as bait to set you up a kill. It takes a long time for players to kill the creep because of its tremendous move speed and health.
  • It’s safer to farm aggressively by getting vision in an area where you expect the enemy to come from.


team fights

Purge Creep


  • The purge creep is incredibly useful against ghost forms, roots and silences, as all or nearly all of them are dispelled with purge (a basic dispel). This creep is not as effective against stuns as most of them require a strong dispel like Abaddon’s Aphotic Shield. You can check if an ability is dispellable in the tool tip. (Ghost forms: Ghost Scepter, Eternal Blade, Ghost Shroud and Decrepify).


  • If the enemy has a hero who is constantly being buffed in fights, consider getting this creep. An Ursa who is buffed by his team mates that has: surge, ion shell, living armor, overpower and solar crest buffs is astonishingly hard to kill. But without bkb and the purge creep on your side he loses all of those buffs along with being slowed which can help to kite him.


  • The slow which the purge applies is incredibly useful when players don’t have an escape or mobility item or their item is on cooldown like glimmer, force staff or blink. As they now rely on movement speed to catch you or run away from you.
  • Currently in 7.04: The slow deceases in 1 second intervals, so it slows for 50%/40%/30%/20%/10% during the 1st/2nd/3rd/4th/5th second.
  • This creep as well as the Harpy can also be used to break linken’s. But this purge does not work on euls.

Cancel Enemy Blink Dagger

  • Helm units count as hero damage i.e. cancelling blink. So let your creep attack a hero who wants to engage or even re-engage in a fight with their blink.

Troll Creep to Catch Mobile Heroes


  • Players often get caught off guard by the trolls ensnare (the net). They will try kill the creep and then get rooted. This can be the iniaton your team needs to set up a chain stun on a mobile hero. This is often happens when playing against Visage’s fimilars. You try to kill them, then they stun you and it beings a chain disable on your hero resulting in your death.

Use Creep With Boots of Travel

  • If you have a hero with boots of travel you can teleport onto your creep. If you are playing in a party you can enable share control with your units. This can allow a tinker to play more aggressively and you don’t even have to do anything.
  • Buying a helm later in the game when you are 6 slotted is also incredibly useful. Hide the creep somewhere in the trees near the enemy base and you can do some rat dota. Keep the helm in your back pack so when your creep dies you can swap out an item and quickly get a new creep.

Dominate Enemy Creeps

  • If the enemy has a Chen, Enchantress or their own helm you can steal their creep and use it against them.


Switch Aggro

  • Switching Roshan’s aggro between the creep and your hero can prevent your hero from getting bashed during an important spell like Troll’s ultimate. Troll will do more damage during his ulti, so it’s important to make sure Troll doesn’t get bashed for the duration of his ulti. But, don’t let the creep die as it’s aura will disappear.
  • Each creep has its advantage when it come to killing Roshan
    • Alpha  wolf:  you will have low hp with an early roshan but this creep is the fastest of all creeps
    • Wildwing ripper: less risky than the alpha wolf as have more armor
    • Hellbear smasher: roughly the same speed as the Wildwing, the 15 attack speed aura is not much. 
    • Ogre frost mage: this is the safest creep for early roshan as the armor will block a large amount of damage. This creep is only slightly slower than the Wildwing and Hellbear.
  • For a sub 20min Roshan you should either use the alpha wolf to kill Roshan faster or the ogre creep if you want to be slower but safer.


Phantom Assassin’s Phantom Strike Unit

  • You can farm more aggressively and leave a creep behind you, this will ensure you have always have a better escape when the enemy comes to gank you. Use Phantom Strike on your creep and always keep it within range of you.
  • Also as you are running away, make your creep go another path similar to yours to out smart your opponent and maximize the 5 second cooldown of level 4 Phantom Strike.

phantom strike strike.png

Clinkz Death Pact

  • Clinkz can benefit greatly from eating a helm creep as they have 1400hp, the item is very situational on Clinkz and in my opinion it costs too much. A situation where the item is useful is when you need a creep nearby when your team has lost control of the map, this ensures you have the death pact buff when taking a fight inside of your base.
  • However Clinkz is actually a hard counter to players who buy helm. You can easily kill the enemy creep and you get a massive buff. If you know the enemy has a helm creep nearby it is nearly always better to eat their creep rather than a creep in the jungle.

Wake your hero up from Bane’s Nightmare

  • Keep your creep nearby when bane uses nightmare, issue the creep to do an attack command on the hero who is effected by nightmare. Not only can it save you but your teammates too.


Scouting invisible heroes

  • Use the creep to scout for heroes who are invisible and do damage in an AOE like an Alchemist effected by moonlight shadow (or shadow blade) and radiance. If the creep takes damage or the debuff shows then you know there is an invisible hero nearby.


Kill Techies Mines

  • Pretty simple, walk your creep into them and clear the mine field. You can even get the bounty killing the mines if you right click them.

Block Clockwerk’s or Pudge’s Hook

  • Have the creep block the line between the hooker and you or your ally. If you are running away it can be as simple as getting your creep to follow your hero.

Clockwerk Battery Assault

  • This spell is spread out over nearby units randomly. Have the creep follow you can save you from some damage and even escape Clockwerk’s ministuns. This also works for other spells like Gyro’s Rocket Barrage and Luna’s Eclipse.

Tiny’s Toss

  • Toss an enemy to the creep.

Bloodseeker’s Blood Rage

  • Deny your allied helm creep and gain 350hp.


This guide doesn’t go into too much into the detail of neutral’s abilities and passives as they are bound to change in future patches. To see up to date information on neutrals use the wiki. Helm of the dominator shouldn’t just be used for stacking and getting critical damage from the alpha wolf as it has so much more potential. If you have trouble with micro, remember you only need to right click the ground once for your hero not 3-5 times a second. However it is very important to not feed the helm creep as they give 125 gold currently in 7.04. Don’t roll too safe, some creeps will die, you need to make mistakes to learn.

roll safe

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Treant Protector Guide



This is an in-depth support Treant guide to bash your way through the MMR ladder. The hero should preferably be played as a position 4 but can adapt to a position 5 role if required. Treant is basically a higher skill version of Bounty Hunter or Riki, however he leans more towards a support role in comparison to Bounty and Riki. Treant does very little damage but provides excellent crowd control. I am currently ranked top 500 on dotabuff and top 100 on opendota. (This guide was last update in 7.05)




  • Heals buildings, this slows down your opponents similar to playing against Techies.
  • Living Armor amazing against burst damage heroes like Lina.
  • Living Armor on buildings punishes players who can’t coordinate to push together.
  • Invisibility gives the ability to place wards aggressively without your opponent seeing you.
  • Natures guise can also aid towards scouting for heroes who are jungling or giving vision behind towers before diving.
  • Has two bkb piercing disables.


  • Slow farmer.
  • Hero does very little damage and healing, usually around 5k damage and 5k healing.
  • Some heroes can remove Treant’s armor very easily.
  • Struggles to gank mid heroes in comparison to other supports.
  • Weak lane presence in some match ups.
  • Can’t provide much harass or control of the lane if the enemy do a strong dual offlane or aggro trilane.


No hero should have a single skill build which works every game, you need to adapt your build to the game.

Build 1


Build 1 is the standard build, max Living Armor and then Nature’s Guise. If the enemy has multiple easy ways to remove the armor on allied heroes consider going for build 2. However it is still important to max Living Armor as the tower healing is very effective in the first 20-25 mins and later in the game the tower healing becomes a novelty as the enemy can deal with it easily.

Build 2


Build 2 will give you better kill potential early on as you have 2 points in Leech Seed, the disadvantage of this that you won’t be able to heal your allies and buildings as much due to a lower amount of heal and longer cooldown on Living Armor. If a longer bash duration will help you catch the enemy offlaner consider putting level 3 into Nature’s Guise instead of Leech Seed. For example against Weaver a slow won’t help you catch Weaver because of Shukuchi. Instead by increasing your bash from 0.4 to 1.0 sec (level 1 to 2) you will have a better chance of killing Weaver.


talent tree.png

  • +2 mana regen
    •  The only reason not to get this talent is when you have a Crystal Madien on your team.
  • +90 gpm
    •  Focus on getting level 15 as fast as possible because this is like your free midas.
  • 15% Cooldown Reduction
    • Cooldowns also work on items such as blink.
  • +5 Living Armor Instances
    • The last talent option is really debatable, typically I pick up this talent but I also don’t reach level 25 that often.



This ability should be maxed second as the 3 second cooldown and longer duration bash is very desirable for ganks and during team fights. The bash has true strike meaning that it can’t miss. This means you can bash a Windranger during windrun and Omniknight during his ultimate. You can cast spells or use items and it does not break the invisibility. Blink Dagger works amazingly with this skill. You can be invisible near trees, then blink, then right click and bash. You have 0.75 secs to do this until the invisibility fades off from Nature’s Guise. Look at the video under the “Item Reasoning” section for more information about this ability in combination with different items.


As Treant is more of a crowd control hero rather than a damage hero. When you have this skilled maxed it has a 3 second cooldown with 2.2 sec bash duration. In team fights it is often more effective to bash someone and return to the tree line to go invisible again to be ready for a second bash. In a good team fight you can get 3-5 bashes off. Remember this is a BKB piercing disable and ignores evasion.

If your team is ahead or has strong gank potential in the mid game, it is important to put aggressive wards. NEVER place aggressive observer wards unless you are invisible! This will ensure the enemy won’t deward them.

To get a good idea of how to move around the map without breaking invisibility takes practice. The easiest way to learn this quickly is to go into a private lobby and walk around the map with boots of speed and Windlace for 10-15 mins. Moving around is much easier with Tranquil or Euls. Depending on the level of Nature’s Guise there will be some paths which are not possible without max level nature’s guise. The benefit of knowing the most important paths means you can move around the map quicker and since TP scrolls now have a 80 second cooldown, you will need to walk from A to B more often than previous patches.


If you want to play aggressive early on or gank mid lane, it’s essential to have 1-2 levels in Leech Seed by level 4. Don’t forget that this ability heals too. The heal is most useful when you and your allies are pushing a tower after the end of a team fight, as you can heal multiple allies at the same time. Early on in the game, this ability uses alot of mana, so it should really only be used for playing aggressive. This can also cancel an enemy’s Blink Dagger.


Majority of the time it is best to max this ability first. Even if the enemy have an easy way to remove it from your allies, it is still useful to slow down the enemy from pushing towers. Any ability which does several instances of damage in a short period will just remove the armor immediately, such as: rot, flame guard, sunray, fire spirits, etc. However the armor is very effect against heroes who rely on 1 or more magical burst spells for getting kills like Lina, Mirana, Centaur, etc. Once you have arcane boots or the mana regen talent, this ability should always be in use. When you have level 3-4 in this ability, you should be looking at all your towers health to decide on which one to heal whenever this ability is available.

If the enemy is pushing a tier 1, you can use glyph and then use the armor on the tower during the glyph. This will ensure the instances are not lost and will force the enemy to commit even longer when trying to take the tower.

There is also allied heroes who can damage themself e.g. Slark, Pudge and Centaur. Try time your armor on Slark after he uses dark pact, don’t bother even putting armor on pudge and give armor to centaur before he uses double edge, this will block some of the damage he takes.




This can be used to engage or disengage fights and the root goes through magic immunity. A well timed Overgrowth is extremely effective against Centaurs ultimate. However it is important to note that the root can be dispelled. The most common dispels are manta and becoming magic immune from bkb, Juggernaut’s spin or Lifestealer’s Rage. If you don’t have blink dagger it is best to stay invisibly near the trees. The easiest opportunity to get a good ultimate off is when the enemy is pushing a tower. But you need to make sure the enemy supports do not have sentries down.

If the enemy is constantly placing sentries when their team is pushing objectives it is important to only initiate with blink. Otherwise you need to wait for someone else to start the fight, then follow up with Overgrowth after that. Later in the game the enemy will have ways to dispel your root such as bkb or manta. If possible wait until the enemy use their bkb and then root them or if playing against a hero like enigma wait until he cast his ultimate to interrupt his combo. When playing against Rubick you will need to cast Overgrowth while staying invisible and then cast Leech Seed on an enemy. The reason you would do this is so Rubick doesn’t get a chance to steal your important abilities i.e. Overgrowth and Living Armor.

Another tip is to not bash an enemy that is rooted, you want to have your disable to last as long as possible. If you ulti someone wait near the end of the root duration to cast Leech Seed as the slow it provides is not useful if they are not moving.  


There is many counters to Treant but usually the best are the ones who can dispel the root of Overgrowth and remove the Living Armor instances on heroes and buildings. Here is some of the best counters:

  • Troll Warlord – Hardest counter, removes armor on heroes and buildings easily.
  • Phoenix – All phoenix’s spells remove armor quickly and is also strong in lane vs Treant.
  • Ember – Searing Chains and Flame Guard remove armor quickly.
  • Juggernaut – Spin and manta dispels root, spin also removes armor easily.
  • Doom – Strong laning vs treant and Scorched Earth can remove armor easily.
  • Ursa – Enrage dispels root and he can shred through armor on heroes and buildings.
  • Alchemist, Naga – Radiance – Burn does multiple instances and builds manta for dispel and tower pushes.
  • Slardar, Zeus, Bounty – Provides truesight but not the most effective counter when it comes to objectives.
  • Windranger – As Treant stands next to trees it is easier to hit a shackleshot, powershot can be used to destroy trees, and focus fire rips through the armor instances on heroes and buildings.

Other heroes to watch out for are:

  • Silencer
  • Timbersaw
  • Jakiro
  • Slark
  • Rubick
  • Venomancer
  • Oracle




Tranquil BootsTranquil_Boots_(Active)_icon

This item will allow you to move through the tree lines quicker and easier, however you will have alot of mana problems from level 6-10. Only go for this if you hit level 10 before buying Arcane Boots. Windlace stacks with Tranquils so you can get even more move speed, this can sometimes be a overkill.

Arcane_Boots_iconArcane Boots

You will need to upgrade your boots to be able to sustain your mana on level 6-10, as you should be using Living armor every time it is off cooldown (mainly used for towers) and your ultimate used alot of mana too. The only reason not to get this is when you hit level 10 before you can afford this item. At level 10 you get the mana regen talent.

Orb_of_Venom_icon.pngOrb of Venom

If you don’t buy orb of venom starting off, you should buy it in the side shop as early as possible. This item is important for getting kills and harassing in lane. Skip this item if your team already has a roaming melee hero with this item like Earth Spirit, Monkey King or Spirit Breaker.

Sentry_Ward_iconSentry Wards

It is important to buy 1 sentry at 0mins. Never place your sentry down unless you know the enemy has an obs ward you want to kill. You need to save the sentry for the enemy’s sentry. If you don’t deward their sentry immediately you will waste time and lose control of your presence in lane until you get a sentry from the courier which could be 40-50 seconds. To know if an enemy placed a sentry down you can aggro the enemy creeps with an attack command, if the enemy creeps aggro but you are still invisible it means there is a sentry.

Quelling_Blade_icon.pngQuelling Blade

Consider buying a quelling blade if you don’t have tangos to kill a sentry. This item will come useful later on when dewarding wards on the high ground. Keep it in your back pack if you don’t have a free slot.

Magic_Wand_iconMagic Wand

If the enemy has an offlane hero who will give you alot of stick charges in lane and in mid game team fights, consider buying a magic wand.

Iron_Branch_icon.png Iron Branch

When building Magic Wand you may have one of these in your inventory. You can place one of these down and extend the range of your Nature’s Guise bash. From experience this idea is a novelty but can sometimes be good when ganking mid heroes. This was a more viable option in previous patches as the early levels of Nature’s Guise had a longer bash duration.

Blink_Dagger_iconBlink Dagger

This item is most preferable as your first big item. There is various techniques which can be executed with the blink. This item should be bought at 15-25 mins. A late game blink is also good to ensure you can hit a good ultimate or if you purchased solar crest beforehand.

  • Blink from 1 set of trees to the next and maintain invisibility
  • Blink + bash
  • Blink + overgrowth

Solar_Crest_iconSolar Crest

This item will allow you to take Roshan quicker while still giving you a defensive ability to give you and your team mates evasion. Players will commonly underestimate the evasion as you can give your ally the buff without breaking invisibility.

There is 3 reasons you should go solar crest over blink:

  • Your team is ahead and you want to secure early roshan (sub 20mins)
  • Your team already has 1-2 blink dagger initiators on your team at 15-25mins, now your team needs more damage rather than more initiation.
    • You and your team is behind and playing aggressive with a blink is not viable. As building a medallion with be seen as a defensive path in this situation.

Tip: give the Solar Crest buff the creep with the tower aggro to let the creep wave stay alive for longer, which strengthens your push.

Guardian_Greaves_iconGuardian Greaves

This item is very situational.  This is only useful when you have alot of space to farm, you want to 5 man push and your team lack health regen. This item can be seen as buffing your 5 man fights. This is typically a bad item to pick up against higher skilled players (4.5k+) who can finish out the game and prevent you from farming this item freely. But in most of 3k mmr matches this item would be significantly more viable. This more greedy item is not punished as often below 4.5k. This item is complemented alot by the cooldown reduction talent on level 15.

Lotus_Orb_iconLotus Orb

Great item in the late game for pushing high ground or when the enemy have alot of single target disables like scythe of vyse, beast master roar, etc. Make sure you use dissemble your Arcane boots and use the Energy Booster for the Lotus Orb.

Refresher_Orb_iconRefresher Orb

Two ultimates can be very effective against heroes who can dispel a single root easily like a carry with a manta but no bkb. If the enemy have no way to dispel overgrowth then it’s a 9 second root with refresher at max level.


This item can be great to dispel dust, Bounty Hunter’s Track and Slardar’s ultimate. It is also good for interrupting certain enemy abilities like using Euls on Axe during his Berserkers Call or Ursa during Enrage. This item is situational, if you plan on getting this item, don’t buy Arcane boots and only get the mana regen talent. If you use Euls while in range of the trees for Natures Guise. The fade time of natures guise will continue to countdown. Euls duration is 2.5s and fade time level 3 is 3 seconds giving you great defensive capabilities.

Glimmer_Cape_iconGlimmer Cape

If you want to go the defensive route of buying Solar Crest but the enemy do mostly magical damage, this item is a better option than Solar Crest. You can also move between long distance tree lines without revealing yourself.


As this is a support guide the first 15-20 mins is the most important and impactful. This section will go through my typical thought process throughout a match:


If you start with orb of venom it is highly recommended you go for the enemy’s rune. Preferably the enemy’s offlane rune as the mid player will go for that. Consider buying a tp to get there quicker, buying a tp is not worth doing against players lower than 4k.

When taking the rune, don’t show yourself until 0mins, you should try bash them and then spam the rune spot to pick it up. Even if you don’t get the rune you will bash them and slow them with orb of venom resulting in them either trying to fight you or ignoring you as they are trying to block their creeps. In both scenarios you will prevent the enemy from blocking their creep wave and make them use 1 tango. The only exception to this is when the enemy mid hero has a high base movespeed.

Players who have 2 pooled tangos as the enemy mid hero will then fly a salve out when they realize they only have 1 tango left. This is your opportunity to try snipe the courier. The only reason you shouldn’t go for the rune is when the enemy has dust. If they have 1 sentry you can usually just run out of the sentry range while staying close to the trees.


Make our way to the safe lane and harass with orb of venom and potentially get a kill. You can get uncontested harass when you use your nature’s guise. Wait to go invis then run up to the enemy and bash them. After bashing them you need to back, this will result in you getting free harass.


If you are not trying to secure a kill in lane then you need to stack the big or preferably the small camp at 0:53.


If no enemies come to the lane then consider doing something else. Either go into their jungle and leech experience or go to the offlane and provide some harass. If you have a smoke you can sometimes get a kill on mid. But if you don’t have a level in leech seed this is quite hard. You would be better off to leech experience in the safelane until level 2. If the enemy offlane is using up the regen of heroes in your safelane, you should put a level your armor on level 2.


Take the bounty rune or even go for both the enemy bounty rune and your own. Don’t use your mana to heal towers as the armor is not very effective on towers until level 3-4 due to the longer cooldown and less heal on level 1-2. If your teammates are getting dived early on it not really worth teleporting in to save them as you can’t provide much damage or control. You will just use up your mana and it ends up being better to just give them armor. You should also be pull and/or stack at respective times depending on the situation of the creep wave. Pick up boots of speed and windlace as early as possible.


You should be hitting level 6 from 8-12mins, consider buying a tome of knowledge to get that level 6. If you have the gold, you should buy arcane boots before you hit level 10. But don’t forget to buy observers and sentrys. If you hit level 10 but you don’t have arcane boots get the +2 mana regen talent. Once you have 3-4 levels in Living Armor, prioritize healing towers when you have the mana to sustain it. This mean when you are in the fountain, you get the mana regen talent or when you have arcane boots. The longer the towers stay up the more control of the map your team will have. If you run out of mana at any point go back to one of the shrines in your base,. Using a shrine will bring you to 90-100% mana and health and is quicker than the fountain regen.


Focus on getting your blink before 25 mins. If the enemy is off the map, go to their jungle and scout for your team. This can help setup pick offs similar to that of Bounty Hunter or Riki. In team fights focus on getting a good ultimate off and bashing rather than trying to go into a right click fight with the enemy. If you get the opportunity, try kill the enemy courier, remember you can bash the courier.


To be honest I think you should never buy this as your first major item. This item is not very effective until the game go on 50+mins, generally if you want to consistently play better than your opponent you need to be finishing games out earlier and less passively. Now you probably think I’m an idiot, if you want you can ignore this part of the guide or you can see my reasoning for this. First we look at why Aghs is a good item.


  • Huge amounts of vision
  • Free ward every 35 seconds (29.25s with 15% cooldown talent)
  • Can get vision of roshan pit
  • Makes Overgrowth global for ganks
  • Can farm jungle camps

Now looking at those pros the item seems like one of the best Aghs upgrades in the game. In a lot of low to mid tier skill level games, this items can be good. But from experience this item sucks so bad. Once I complete my aghs or the enemy sees me with a point booster, they instantly buy a gem and quelling blade. This usually results in me have 2-5 trees actively giving vision at anytime, usually in undesirably locations. On top of this the gem forces you to play less aggressive and prevents you from easily getting information about your enemy when they are missing off the map.

Farming with Aghs does not prove to be that useful either. You just take away farm from your cores and you have a higher net worth on Treant, which doesn’t really do much as you don’t do much damage even if you are a 4-6 slotted Treant. The other disadvantage of putting the enchanted trees on jungle camps is that there is many other trees that give more valuable vision.

This item does not help with pushing high ground either. You can enchant a tree on the low ground near the enemies tier 3, but the vision provide from a tree does not give the same amount of vision as an observer ward. Radius in units: 800 for enchanted tree and 1600 for an observer ward. So essentially the enchanted trees are a weaker version of observer wards. If you have an ally like Storm Spirit, Batrider or any other hero who can destroy trees, they can accidentally destroy your enchanted trees during fights, this is not much of a problem, but does make an effect as you have a 35(29.25) second cooldown.

Now your typical Treant player will say: “I will never have to buy observer wards again once I get aghs”. But if you do some maths, can you still justify that a 4200 gold item is better than buying observer wards?

  • Aghs = 4200 gold
  • 1 observer ward = 65 gold
  • 64 observer wards = 4160 gold
  • Time to enchant 1 tree = 29.25sec
  • Time to enchant 64 trees = 31 mins 12 seconds

Now you must also take into account that if you die when your skill Eyes In The Forest is on cooldown, the time to enchant another tree will be longer than the figures above. It still takes 10 minutes to get 20 trees enchanted. My average match in ranked this month has been 38:23 mins (4.6-5k AVG MMR). This item just does not take a strong effect until you hit around 45-50mins. It also doesn’t help you to push your teams advantage early on like a blink or solar crest can. Typically aghs is bought from 20-25mins, but i’ve very rarely ever seen a game where the enemy hasn’t bought a gem within 2-3 mins after I finish Aghs, if not before I get Aghs. If you are in a low enough tier where players don’t buy gems, this item might be ok, but if you want to get better at Treant you need to learn how to apply pressure with blink and/or solar crest. Otherwise you will stay around that mmr forever.


Please dont’ buy this item unless the game is guaranteed to go late or the enemy team buys more than 1 midas. If you want to get good at Treant this item won’t allow you to learn how to apply aggression with items like solar crest or blink in the mid game. In some situations where the game will definitely go late, your team mates are carrying you and you want a way back into the game this item is viable, but with the level 15 talent of +90gpm you are almost getting a free midas. So its often better to focus on getting that talent than spending time farming up a midas, Treant can provide incredible crowd control regardless of having items or not.

Don’t let greed get the better of you.

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