Siltbreaker Act I: Guide and Tips




(Wolfs and Hellbears)

  • It is often best to start with 2-3 clarities and/or a salve, especially on your healer.
  • The big wolfs don’t fire projectiles if a hero is standing close to it.
  • Dodge the clap from the Hellbears when the red circle appears below their feet.




(Base defense and Lycan boss)

  • Lycan’s transform time is 1.5sec.
  • Once transformed he has a 40% crit chance.
  • Remember to use the shrine south of the shot if needed.
  • Make sure you dodge his high damage claw attack and rupture.
  • Abaddon can die from the claw attack without Burrowed Time activating automatically
  • The Rupture animation starts with a head raise and a big red circle.




(Death Maze)

  • Use Abaddon’s Shied to dispel the Bane’s ultimate on an ally or stun the big spirit after they cast the grip.
  • Buy a Wind Lace for this part on slow moving heroes like Witch Doctor.
  • Heroes like Lina or Drow can buy phase boots for move speed

Part 1

This part has 3 types of traps, single fire, triple fire and an alternating trap between single and triple fire. In the first lane you activate the trap by standing on the stone before it. In some cases you can activate it and let if fire before you go to run.


Part 2

Using the move command or use a ranged attack to break the crates ahead.


Part 3

This is the triple arrow part. Go when the middle arrow hits the end, then move between the left and middle lane. This is the full sized image for this part.

Part 4

If you die here, just let someone on your team collect the orb and reach the check point so you will respawn again. Full sized image




(Ogres and rescue mission)

  • Before going to this zone, consider buying a Solar Crest rather than a Mekansm as the ogres have high armor (27 armor on Bogdugg and 19 armor on the tank ogres) and you won’t have enough mana to sustain many uses of Mekansm.
  • This zone will drop items for Aghanim’s Scepter, so hold off on these components until after.
  • Kill the small ogres first.
  • Stun the small ogres once they cast their life drain on the tank ogre.
  • The tank ogres have 2 attacks, swing smash and jump smash.


  • Both attacks do physical damage, so armor will help block damage.
  • Having Bogdugg’s Baldric help alot in this part.
  • The swing stun will target the position you were standing in on the initial time of casting. So run under his feet once the tank starts casting the swing.
  • The boss (Bogdugg) has the same abilities as the tank ogres but his swing stun has a faster cast time (27% quicker swing).
  • Make sure your tank aggros Bogdugg first.
  • The small ogres cast ignite which causes a fire that will do 200 damage if stepped in once, along with a 30% slow for 2 seconds.
  • The slow duration for ignite is 5 seconds at the boss.




(Spiders and Broodmother boss)

  • Having Vangaurd or Poor Man Shield on your tank is helps alot.
  • Sticking as a team is important against the purple spiders.
  • If possible have a Crimson Guard and Solar Crest for the boss (Ankaboot).
  • The green spiders will disarm you with the Venomancer slow.
  • The purple spiders will lasso you, so save your stuns for lasso.
  • Go to the shop before facing the boss.
  • Fight the boss on the stairs. While your main damage dealer(s) stand on the high ground.


  • When Ankaboot casts her ultimate which sounds the same as Broodmothers ultimate, run away. This gives her alot of lifesteal and will heal her back up.
  • If you have AOE clear make sure your healer doesn’t get body blocked in by spiders.





(Traps and double Omniknight boss)

  • Go 1 by 1 in all the traps. For the long ‘S’ shaped path make sure a DPS hero goes first in case the bats spawn at the end of the path.



  • The big bats cast Acid Spray 3-5 seconds after aggro.
  • Acid Spray lasts for 6 seconds, it reduces your armor by 20 and does 400 physical damage/sec.
  • If possible stun and kill the big bats quickly before they cast Acid Spray.


  • Get your tank to occupy one of the two Temple Guardians (Omniknight) while the other 3 players focus and kill the other Gaurdian.
  • If possible bring both Gaurdians down to low health at the same time.
  • The Hammer Smash ability has a 2.5 second cooldown and does 1600 physical damage.
  • When you kill 1 Gaurdian the remaining Gaurdians Hammer Smash ability upgrades to Rage Hammer Smash which has a 1.25sec cooldown and has a 27% quicker swing speed.
  • Hammer Throw has a 10sec cooldown 2 sec stun duration, the throw time is 2.3sec and does 600 physical damage.
  • Wrath is the ultimate with the same sound as Omniknights ultimate. it has a 30sec coodlown and lasts for 8 seconds.
  • The Wrath blasts have 1.5sec damage delay and do 600 magical damage.




(Guide Bristleback)

  • If you want to get 3 stars you will have to give Bristleback Tranquil boots and a Wind Lace, but this is not required if you want to pass this part or get 2 stars.
  • If you don’t have at 2 heroes who can do alot damage per second (DPS), you will probably fail this zone.
  • Its important to finish this section as quick as possible as the Archers keep spawning and more will stack up near the end of the zone.


  • Have your tank stand out in front for as long as possible so Bristleback aggros the least amount of enemies.
  • Make sure to use your buyback straight away as you will spawn on Bristleback.



(Desert with Centaurs and Nyx)


  • If you are close to an item and you don’t care about 3 stars, go back to the shop after the first courier treasure.
  • Make sure you dodge the Nyx impale as it has a 6 second cooldown and a 1.5sec duration.
  • If one of your teammates dies try and rush to the north checkpoint so they can instantly respawn and help you survive.
  • Otherwise you can revive you ally with use of Glimmer Cape.


  • Nyx will spawn Minions called Burrowers with a cooldown of 15secs.
  • These Burrowers explode and deal a burst of magical damage so having a glimmer cape will help alot here to save yourself or allies.
  • There is 3 types of Centaurs: Chief, Shaman and the Dunerunner.
  • The Chief is the big one with Blademail, Hoofstomp and Double edge.
  • The Shaman centaurs heal the Chief.
  • The Dunerunners will either use Remnants  which swarms you with mini centaurs when it hits you or else they will use Meppo’s Earthbind (the root).
  • Try avoid both of these projectiles otherwise you will get swarmed.




(Path to Rhyzik)

  • This is probably the easiest zone in the event.
  • Focus the Siege creep and the Golems first.
  • Save your dispels for the Golems Searing Chains, such as Greaves or Abadddon’s shield.
  • If your ally is rooted and taking damage from Sunray, use Glimmer Cape on them.




(Last Boss)


  • If you haven’t got many late game artifacts such as Gaurdian Shell, The Caustic Finale or Carapace of Qaldin it is easier to beat Rhyzik with a magical damage line up. As the physical damage strategy is more effective with the artifacts from the Temple Guardians and/or Rhyzik.
  • Having a Veil of  Discord and Ethereal blade makes it much easier with magic damage line up.
  • However your DPS hero or heroes should have MKB and armor reduction as Rhyzik has 32% evasion and 75 armor.
  • When Rhyzik burrows underground this is often the best time to cast abilities like Macropyre and Maledict, as he stays still in the phase for the longest duration.


  • The tail swipe has a 2.4sec delay, a 1.5sec stun and a knock back. The left swipe knock back 600 unit and the right swipe knock back is 800 units.
  • Asides from his 2 ultimates all his damage is physical.
  •  The 2 variations of his ultimate are the tornadoes and then other is the pulse waves. When you see the casting animation just run south.


  • Both variations of the ultimate have a cooldown of 34secs and a duration of 15secs.
  • The casting animation for tornadoes starts with a large yellow ring around Rhyzik’s feet.


  • The pulse waves animation starts with yellow lines under Rhyzik’s feet.


  • During the tornadoes use the flutter on Butterfly or Glimmer Cape to escape it.
  • Kill any minions which spawn as quick as possible as they will deal alot of damage through explosions and others will run to Rhyzik and heal him.
  • If you have the extra gold to get a 7th item like Glimmer Cape for the tornadoes, you can swap it in once the tornado phase begins for something like your refresher orb. Remember to swap the better item back into your inventory as the cooldown timer ticks slower in your backpack.
  • Buybacks cost 2 lives, so always try revive your allies with Glimmer Cape but never during one of Rhyzik’s ultimates.




  • The more you play the better you will get at navigating through the traps and the better chance you have at dingus.pnggetting artifact drops. Artifact Chances and Info
  • Most enemies have a long cast time on their abilities (usually 2-2.5sec), this should give you enough time to dodge them.
  • Turn auto attack on.
  • Each zone has an experience and gold cap. This is most noticeable in the first zone, where your hero can only get to level 4 and 3/4.
  • If you have Witch Doctor make sure you cast Maledict on bosses and high health units at the start to do maximum damage.

Picking Heroes

  • You can either go a magical damage or physical damage line up.bad_creep
  • The magical damage is easier if you don’t have many artifacts.
  • Drow Ranger should be in every line up regardless.
  • Magical damage heros require a tank, a healer, a DPS and a magic damage dealer.
  • For example Abaddon, Witch Doctor, Jakiro and Drow or Abaddon, Witch Doctor, Lina and Drow.
  • A physical damage line up will rely more on Auras such as Vlads to sustain health and artifacts to maintain mana and/or health.
  • If you’re playing solo and people pick stupid heroes it probably best to leave and find new players as you will have to commit 50-90 minutes to beat Act I.


  • Treasure traps get stronger in each zone for example the land mine treasures dobreakingcrate_2.png 400 magical damage and +100 damage per zone.
  • All treasures have a 1% chance of dropping these artifacts: Creed of Omniscience, Oblivion’s Locket or life rune.
  • Crates and vases have 11% chance of gold, 7% chance of common items (healing salve, mango, health potion or mana potion) and a 2% chance of getting a book of agility, strength or intelligence.


  • If you have Creed of Omniscience make sure you have it equipped when using the Tome(s).
  • Move speed is useful for getting through traps.grandpa_bristle.png
  • Never let 3 Tomes of Knowledge stay in stock, they can give you levels quicker to give you the ability to use artifacts earlier.
  • Minus armor such as Solar Crest, Desolator and Assault Cuirass is very effective against bosses.
  • You can share any items with allies.
  • Glimmer Cape will allow you to revive your allies without getting aggro, this incredible useful from the desert zone and onward.

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